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Regulation of Loyalty Campaign "Henri Appport" Application.

Art. 1 - Organizer 

The Loyalty Campaign for "Henri AppPort" application is organized and conducted by the Organizer SC dnata Catering S.R.L.. located in Otopeni, 224R Calea Bucuresti, tax code RO4339914.

dnata Catering S.R.L.  is committed to protect the personal data of the participants when they join the Loyalty Campaign through "Henri AppPort" application. Whenever the participants provide personal data for the purpose of Loyalty Campaign, dnata Catering S.R.L.  will only use such data in line with all applicable data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The personal data will be kept in a secure environment and access to it will be restricted according to the 'need to know' principle.

For more details regarding our use of personal data by the "Henri AppPort" application, the participants are kindly asked to read the Privacy Notice available in the application and/or to contact dnata Catering S.R.L. at the email address marketing@dnata.ro.

Art. 2 – Participants hereinafter reffered to as users/customers

The loyalty program is available to any individuals using "Henri AppPort" application, having a minimum age of 18 years and meet other conditions of participation presented in this Regulation. The use of the "Henri AppPort" application by the participants involves the filling in of personal data of the Participant and the use of flight tracking functions provided by the application.

In exchange for using the "Henri AppPort" application the Participant will be given various discounts on the purchase of related products and services in the locations provided in Article 3. Participation in this loyalty program is not permitted to the employees of dnata Catering S.R.L Company.

Art. 3 – Affiliated locations

"Henri AppPort" application available under art.2 can be used by Participants to obtain discounts only in the affiliated locations for all products marketed in them, except tobacco offers and tobacco products. Discounts cannot be cumulated. The list of affiliated locations: Brioche Dorée, Burger King, Espressamente Illy, Lavazza Espression, Momenti Peroni, La Sarmale, Left Bank, Take Off at the Food Court. The organizer may, at any time, change the list of affiliated locations. 

Art. 4 -  Products

Means the products range marketed within the locations referred to in Article 3 but also by means of the "Food order" option made available to the user in the application.

Art. 5  – Duration

The loyalty program duration is unlimited. However, dnata Catering S.R.L. reserves the right to give up at any time deemed necessary the functionalities that provide a discount, the functionalities of point accumulation or to fully renounce the "Henri AppPort" application.

Art. 6 - Conditions of validity

To benefit from the discounts granted in affiliated locations, the Participant must meet the following conditions:

1. To meet the conditions of art. 2, stating real data;

2. To open an account in the "Henri AppPort" application, it is required to register with the following information: first name, last name, email address, date of birth. The participant may also use the "Henri AppPort" application via participant’s Facebook account (provided by Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). The "Henri AppPort" application may also be used without registration, in which case the user will only have access to the Flight board for the flights schedule of the Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport, list of Restaurants and cafes, Shops, Airport services, Airport map, while no other features of the "Henri AppPort" application will be available.

3. After opening the account, registration is considered finalized after the Participant receives a confirmation email for the account activation in the system.

4. Discounts granted in affiliated locations may be received by the Participant only after activation of the account in the system according to section 2.

5. By participating in the loyalty program, Participants agree to the terms of use of the "Henri AppPort" application as set by the organizer or as they are updated by it. The non-acceptance of the conditions of use of the "Henri AppPort” application leads to the exclusion of the Participant from the Loyalty Program.

Art. 7 - Award, accumulation and use of discount points.

a) The award of discount points and their accumulation is made as follows:

Any Participant who meets the requirements of Article 2 and Article 6 can connect to “Henri AppPort” application to access the discount functionalities. At every purchase of products in affiliated locations the customer can benefit from discount according to the value of previous transactions in affiliated locations, and depending on the activity of the Participant in “Henri AppPort” application as follows:

1. 15% discount for installation on compatible devices of "Henri AppPort" application and user registration in Henri AppPort application;

2. 20% discount for accumulating 500 points in the application, with a maximum of 250 points accumulated otherwise than by conducting transactions at the points of sale of the units affiliated to dnata Catering S.R.L.;

3. 25% discount for accumulating 1000 points in the application, by the difference of 500 points from the previous level.

Points will be accumulated by Participants as follows:

1. For enabling flight notifications - 2 points

2. For sharing flight information in Facebook – 5 points

3. For buying products in locations affiliated to dnata Catering, a point for every Romanian leu spent.

The following restrictions will be applied in accumulating points according to the above:

1. The Participant cannot receive points corresponding to the activation of notifications about a flight or for sharing information about a flight in social media more than once a day.

2. The Participant cannot receive more than 250 points in one year for activities number 1-2 in the previous paragraph.

b) Using discount points:

The use of the discounts obtained by accumulating points in the application can be done as follows:

By displaying a barcode by means of Henri AppPort application which will be scanned at the counter by the staff of dnata Catering S.R.L units;

Art. 8 - Regulation of "Henri AppPort" loyalty application

Each account created in the "Henri AppPort" mobile application is unique and can be used by only one person. The customer must fill in his/her personal data with the following factual information:  first name, last name, Email address, date of birth. The participants may also log in with their Facebook account to connect to “Henri AppPort”.

If after the check, the information is incomplete or incorrect, dnata Catering S.R.L. has the right to block the user’s account.

The improper or fraudulent use of "Henri AppPort" loyalty application entails the blocking of the user’s account and its exclusion from the loyalty program.

Cash cannot be granted for the value of points accumulated in the mobile application account.

Art. 9 Order now

Registered participants can access the food order option through which they can place online orders in locations offering this possibility.

Locations offering the option of ordering food: Restaurant Left Bank (located after the security check). The organizer may, at any time, modify the list of locations that offer the possibility of ordering online.

The use of the “order Food” option, i.e. placing orders, implies the legal capacity required to link some contractual relationships.

  1. Order products

The user navigates to "order food" from the side menu or uses the "order Food" option on the restaurant screen that offers the possibility of order.

  • Participants will receive a warning message if the restaurant is out of business hours.

A list of product categories from which the customer selects and configures the food products where appropriate is displayed. The prices of the products are expressed in RON with VAT included.
The user can select and configure menus by selecting a product at each step. The menus will have a fixed price expressed in RON. Some products in menu step configuration may have an additional price to the basic one and will increase the price of the menu.

The Participant will  confirm the content of the order and its value as well as the discount applied to the order summary according to the loyalty threshold at which the user is located.

The user can also select the order type, either take away or sit down service . If the user selects the sit down service, he will be asked to contact the unit at phone number +40 725 353 441 to communicate the number of persons and to confirm the booking.

b. Method of payment

The user selects the online Card payment method, being directed to a webview page of the EuPlatesc.ro payment processor and will make the payment according to the requirements. You will be able to select a registered card or add a new card.

  1. Order placement and completion

The application will display the number of the order, the name of the restaurant, the time remaining until placement and one of the order statuses:

  • "Your order has been registered” in: [Countdown with minutes and seconds]. The user will be able to increase this time in 5-minute increments and will also be able to cancel the order during this time.

When the order moment approaches, a push notification will be sent to the user “Are you coming on time to pick up the order in [name of Restaurant]? If you are late, you can increase the time until you place your order in the location!". After swiping on the push notification the user will have the option to increase the time for sending the order to the restaurant by 5 minutes in the order status screen.

  • “The restaurant is preparing your order” [countdown with minutes and seconds] for pick up”.
  • „Your order is ready for pick up” the user can pick up the order from the restaurant.
  1. My account

In the “My payment cards” section the user will be able to select a registered card or add a new card. The addition of a new card will be made on a webcast with the form from EuPlatesc.ro.

In the "My orders" section, the orders will be displayed in a list with: date, restaurant time and amount spent.

All necessary steps will be taken by the supplier to prepare the agreed products displayed in the menu provided at the restaurants offering the option of “order food” and the orders received from the users will be met under the conditions provided in the Henri AppPort application.

The organizer does not declare and offers any guarantee that the option of “orderfood” will meet the User’s expectations otherwise than explicitly stated or that it will meet certain requirements, nor that the functionality of Henri AppPort will be uninterrupted or error free.

The organizer assume no responsibility for the quality of the product if the user exceeds the pick up time of the products.

Art. 10 – Passenger’s Rights

Airlines have the legal obligation to inform you about your rights and the place where you can submit complaints.

Refusal of boarding

You may be entitled to compensation amounting to 125 EUR up to 600 EUR depending on the flight distance and the delays incurred in case of rerouting.

Long delays

If the delay exceeds five hours, you may request a refund of the ticket but only if you decide to give up the travel.


You are entitled to monetary compensation, except the following situations: you have been informed of the cancellation 14 days before, or the schedule of redirected flight is very close to the original schedule or the airline can prove that the cancellation of the flight was due to special reasons.

Assistance ensured by airlines

Depending on the circumstances, if your boarding is denied or if the flight is cancelled or delayed, you are entitled to assistance (catering, communication means, and an overnight stay if necessary). If your boarding is denied or if the flight is cancelled, you can choose to continue your journey or a refund of your ticket.

Passengers with reduced mobility

Passengers with reduced mobility and persons with disabilities are protected from discrimination and, with effect from July 26, 2008, they may benefit from appropriate assistance (under certain conditions) at each airport within the EU.

The identity of the airline You must know in advance the identity of the flight operator. Airlines that do not offer safe flight conditions are prohibited or subject to restrictions in the European Union. These airlines are listed at www.air-ban.europa.eu.


Airlines are liable for damages resulting from flight delays (up to ± 4.800 EUR) for the damage and loss of luggage (up to ± 1.200 EUR) as well as for injury or death in accidents. They do not carry this responsibility if they have taken all possible actions to avoid the damage or if they were unable to take such measures. 

Holiday packages

Holiday packages operators must give accurate information on the holiday tickets booked, comply with contractual obligations and protect passengers in the event of the insolvency of the organizer.

More information?

Call the free phone number * anywhere you are in the EU, during working hours (9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CET on weekdays): 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11

* Certain mobile telephone operators do not allow access to numbers with 00 800 prefix or charge for these calls. In some cases, these calls may be chargeable if they are made from public telephone boxes or hotels. For calls from outside the EU (normal charges apply): (32-2) 299 96 96 

The purpose of these data is for informational purposes only. All claims and legal actions brought in case of dispute shall be based solely on the legal texts concerned. They can be found in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Data published by: European Commission

General Directorate for Energy and Transport,

BE-1049 Brussels.

http://apr.europa.eu http://air-ban.europa.eu

Art. 11 – Other Provisions

dnata Catering S.R.L. reserves the right to amend this Regulation during the existence of "Henri AppPort" mobile application. The amended version will be disclosed to the customers in the "Henri AppPort" application and on the website www.henriappport.ro.

For any further information or questions please contact the Marketing Department of dnata Catering S.R.L. at the email address marketing@dnata.ro

For complaints, please send your complaint to reclamatii@dnata.ro

dnata Catering S.R.L. is not responsible:

• for any inaccurate or late information provided by "Henri AppPort" application in relation to the flights from Henri Coanda International Airport, errors that could cause the passengers to miss the flight;

• for the position of targets of interest on the airport map from "Henri AppPort" application

• for information about the services of Henri Coanda Airport, information available in "Henri AppPort" application 

This Regulation is made freely available to Participants in all affiliated locations and on website www.henriappport.ro , section Terms and Conditions of Use.


Last update 15.02.2022